Theseus slays the Minotaur.

Theseus was a mythical Greek hero in the likes of Hercules and Perseus who was the founder and king of Athens. He was the son of Aegeus. Theseus has appeared in numerous tales and myths, and is perhaps one of the most important Greek mythological heroes.


Oedipus at ColonusEdit

Theseus plays a prominent role in The Oedipus Cycle, a series of plays written by Sophocles. After Oedipus blinded himself, he traveled to Colonus along with his daughter Antigone. Eventually Theseus met Oedipus, and he sympathized with him and gave him his full support. Theseus promised to remain loyal to Oedipus and granted him citizenship of Athens.

Theseus saves Oedipus once when Creon came to bring him back to Thebes to be buried at the border. Theseus was called by the Chorus and managed to overpower Creon and his retinue of men. Afterwards, when Oedipus realized his death was imminent, Theseus agreed to bury his body at Athens and keep his burial site confidential until his next heir.