The Count of Monte Cristo is a novel written by Alexandre Dumas. It follows the story of Edmond Dantes as he is unfairly incarcerated by Baron Danglars, Villefort, and Fernand de Morcerf.


A young man of nineteen named Edmond Dantès who works as a sailor comes home with news that his captain has died during the voyage. The man who owns the ship is familiar with Edmond and is going to make him the new captain. He is also engaged to Mercédès, a beautiful young maiden. This is a seemingly perfect life for Edmond but turns around right before he and Mercédès are married. Danglars, the treasurer of the ship, Fernand , who is jealous of Edmond for marrying Mercédès, and Caderousse , who is jealous of Edmond's life, form a plan to frame him as a traitor. Villefort ,the deputy prosecutor, was about to set Dantès free but changes his mind because Edmond mentioned the name of Villefort's father. Edmond is then sent to the Château d’If, a prison on in island. Abbé Faria digs a hole in the wall to Edmond's cell on accident and the two befriend eachother. Faria then educates Edmond and tells him that there is a treasure buried on the island of Monte Cristo. Faria's disease then causes him to die and Edmond switches places with him in the body bag. The body bag is then thrown into the ocean but Edmond is good at swimming and survives. He is rescued by a ship and works on it as a sailor. He journeys to Monte Cristo and finds the treasure. Edmond plans to use it to punish his enimies and goes back to find that Mercédès has married Fernand and his father has died. He also learns that Danglars Fernand are rich and living in Paris. He then gives Caderousse a diamond and saves his old boss , Morrel, from finacial ruin. Years later, while Edmond ,now calling himself the Count of Monte Cristo, is in Rome he saves Albert from bandits and Albert shows Edmond to his parents ,Mercédès and Fernand, no one recognizes Edmond except Mercédès. Fernand gained his fortune by betraying Ali Pacha and then proceeded to sell his wife and daughter. The Count of Monte Cristo rescues his daughter ,Haydée, and uses her as a witness in court and Fernand is found guilty and Mercédès and Albert run away leaving Fernand with nothing and then he kills himself. While this is happening, The Count of Monte Cristo teaches Madame Villefort about poisins and she kills the Villefort family out of anger.The Count of Monte Cristo also exposes Count Villefort of infanticide and having an affair with Mandame Danglars. This causes Villefort to go insane.