Ismene is a daughter of Oedipus, and she along with Antigone remains faithful to her father after his humiliation from the prophecy.


Oedipus RexEdit

Ismene appears very briefly in Oedipus Rex, where she appears at the end when Creon agrees to take of her and Antigone.

Oedipus at ColonusEdit

In Oedipus at Colonus, Ismene arrives on horseback to inform Oedipus that Eteocles had seized the throne of Thebes and expelled his brother Polyneices from the city. Later on, Ismene is captured by Creon after Creon attempted to bring Oedipus back to Thebes to be buried at its border.


Ismene plays a slightly more substantial role in Antigone where she is left along with Antigone without her father. When Antigone bravely determines to bury Polyneices despite a death penalty warning advising her against to, Ismene refuses and tries to reason with Antigone about the death punishment. Antigone still determines to follow through, and she breaks away with Ismene.

After Antigone is caught, Ismene volunteers to face the same punishment Antigone would receive even though she did not commit the crime at all. However, Antigone insisted that she didn't, and Ismene reluctantly agrees to her request. Creon later spares Ismene's life.

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