Temple Apollo

The site of the ancient temple of Apollo.

Delphi was a location in Greece that is prominently featured in Greek mythology. It is home to the Delphic oracle, which appears in several myths. In addition, it is the site of the worship of Apollo.


The Oedipus CycleEdit

Delphi is a location that is visited often by the characters in The Oedipus Cycle by Sophocles. The oracle at Delphi predicted that Laius's son would murder him, and that he would sleep with his mother. It turns out to be true, and Oedipus's mother/wife Iocasta hangs herself in response, and Oedipus blinds himself with Iocasta's pins from her brooch.

The Delphic oracle informed of the same prophecy to Oedipus when he lived at Corinth, and thus Oedipus left Corinth to prevent it. However, he still killed Laius as he left, thus fulfilling the prophecy.

Another role the Delphic oracle played in the stories was to inform Creon of the plague occurring upon Thebes. Also, the oracle stated that wherever Oedipus was to be buried, then the location of the grounds of the city would be blessed and protected.


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